Film Four & Film Four +1: 28-05-2012.

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11:00DOA[SUB BW]
A man discovers he has drunk a slow-acting deadly poison and uses his remaining few hours on a tortuous journey through the seedy streets of Los Angeles to find out who gave it to him and why - but the culprit proves highly elusive. Noir thriller, starring Edmond O'Brien, Pamela Britton, Luther Adler and Beverly GarlandFilm/Detective/Thriller

12:40The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw[SUB AD HD]
A stiff-upper-lipped English salesman accidentally foils a raid on a stagecoach. Having acquired an undeserved reputation as a fearsome gunslinger, he is asked to become the sheriff of a wild frontier town - a job with a very short life expectancy. Comedy Western, starring Kenneth More, Jayne Mansfield, Ronald Squire and Robert MorleyFilm/Western/Comedy

14:45White Feather[SUB AD HD]
A cavalry officer is assigned the task of persuading a Cheyenne tribe to vacate land to make way for hordes of gold prospectors. The chief is willing to move on, but many of his warriors are determined to stay - and a romance between a Cheyenne woman and a surveyor adds to the deadlock. Western, starring John Lund, Robert Wagner, Jeffrey Hunter, Debra Paget and Hugh O'BrianFilm/Western

16:50All That Heaven Allows[SUB HD]
A wealthy New England widow breaks all the taboos of her narrow social circle by falling madly in love with her younger gardener. Her friends and grown-up children are scandalised as she contemplates marrying him, leaving her with a dilemma - to either fall in with convention or take a chance at being happy. Romantic drama, with Jane Wyman, Rock Hudson, Agnes Moorehead and Conrad NagelFilm/General Movie/Drama

18:45Mad Money[SUB HD]
When her husband loses his job, wealthy Bridget is forced to get a job as a cleaner at a federal reserve bank. She learns that damaged dollar bills are shredded on the premises and recruits two of her co-workers to steal the money everyone thinks will be destroyed. However, after paying her debts, she cannot resist taking some more, drawing the attention of the law. Crime comedy, starring Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah and Katie HolmesFilm/Comedy

20:50Men in Black 3 Interview Special
Will Smith discusses returning to the role of Agent J for the third film in the sci-fi comedy series, and director Barry Sonnenfeld speaks about his role behind the camera on the three movies. Newcomer Josh Brolin shares his thoughts on filling Tommy Lee Jones' shoes as a younger version of veteran alien-catcher Agent KFilm/Cinema

21:00Blade: Trinity[SUB AD HD]
The fearless warrior's blood-sucking foes frame him for murder, forcing him to go on the run from the FBI while his enemies resurrect the first and most powerful of their kind - Dracula himself. Joining forces with a team of human vampire slayers, Blade embarks on a quest to wipe out the undead menace once and for all. Action thriller sequel, with Wesley Snipes, Jessica Biel, Ryan Reynolds, Parker Posey, Kris Kristofferson and Dominic PurcellFilm/Detective/Thriller

23:10Johnny Mad Dog[HD]
Premiere. Fifteen-year-old Johnny leads a group of fanatical child soldiers fighting in an African civil war, with a mission to seize territory, kill any adult civilians and recruit their children into their ranks. An encounter with a girl trying to protect her disabled father and younger brother changes his attitude to his violent way of life. Drama, starring Christopher Minie and Daisy Victoria Vandy. Part of the Africa seasonFilm/General Movie/Drama

A government official in Senegal abuses his power and uses part of the area's wealth to woo his bride-to-be, but finds himself struck by a curse on his wedding night that renders him impotent. Satirical comedy, starring Makhouredia Gueye, Thierno Leye and Dieynaba Niang. In French and Wolof. Part of the Africa seasonFilm/Comedy