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Thread: how to update your firmware with the network on non linux tm's

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    how to update your firmware with the network on non linux tm's

    some people might like to use this i tried it and it actualy works with the satdeamon setup and patches after 8/11/11
    first you will have to setup your sat deamon on your computer
    after this you have to click on sat deamon icon and browse to the folder that you have your tm files in click on ok twice
    now you will have to find out what your p.c. ip adress is ,on my pc i click on the start icon leftbottom of my screen
    and this bring up the computers search engine just above it, there i enter "cmd" and the cmd icon apears i click on this and it opens comand prompt program here i enter after c:\users\owner> "ipconfig" and this will bring up a srcreen where you can find your ip adress wich will look like "ipv? adress . . . .: (x being any number)
    now turn on your tm and goto main menu>system settings>ip settings>press blue button enter your ip adress and press ok
    now the file or folder you set the deamon on will be there just scroll to the file you want to load to your tm and press ok
    i tried it for patches and softcams and it's working perfect so no need for usb devices to update your tm
    it might sound hard to some tm users but once you have done it a few times it's quit easy
    just to add if your ipadress is something like for example 23.11.566.999 you enter it into your tm like 023.011.566.999
    i tested this on my tm6902 and tm7100 so i asume it works with all the non linux tm's with lanport.
    if you need any help doing this just ask.
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