Set your ecm pid's ,goto a $ channel and press mute>exit blue button this brings you into the ECM PID's menu it will be on auto in default but in c.s. the tm will request all ECM PID's in the list from server and this will bring up your ecm request time (long time for channel to clear and glitching /freezing)
so in the ecm pid's list of the channel if you pick the one that your server is using your tm will connect/clear this channel faster and it will be more stable (bring down your ecm request time) once you pick one you will have to save and move to a different channel and back to see if the ecm pid is working for you if not you will have to go back in the ecm pid menu and select one that is working with your server.
Sounds like a lot of work and yes it is but it makes a big difference for me with the channels that were clearing very slow and were freezing/glitching a lot.If you want to try this maybe start with a channel that is clearing badly for you and see if it makes a difference.
if you need any help just ask