Telecinco and Cuatro increase ad minutes as overall market falls

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 31-05-2012

The Spanish Association of Communication Users, has indicated that, overall, advertising on the country’s four commercial television stations statewide has declined by 3.5% so far in 2012.

Based on data from the Spanish Observatory area of Advertising, Mediaset España is the leader in national television, both on the audience side and on the commercial one but the stand out advertising performance has been from Telecinco and Cuatro who increased broadcasting time devoted to advertising.
In the case of Telecinco this means going from 182 to 196 minutes a day on average between spots and teleshopping spots year on year, while for the latter the increase is from 180 to 187 minutes a day.
This upward trend contrasts with that of laSexta whose ad minutes have fallen from 206 to 199 minutes between March and April, though it remains the statewide commercial television advertising more occupation there was also decline by Grupo Planeta’s Antena 3 whose share went of 183-165 minutes per day.
laSexta and Tele 5 account for 21.6% of total time daily transmissions in April 2012, compared with 23.0% and 20.6% respectively in March.
Total advertising minutes broadcast between January and April 2012 fell 3.5% over the same period last year.