TVE reveals production costs

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 31-05-2012

The acting president of Spain’s national public broadcaster Corporación RTVE, Manuel Esteve, has revealed that the national the firm’s cost of external production during 2012, including sports rights below the highest level to €169 million dwarfing all others.

Next highest for the cash-strapped broadcaster is Spanish and foreign feature films, costing the public entity almost €45 million with another €1.676 in the pipeline; fiction has a budget for this year of €20.5 million, while the rights for TV and Clan TVE Internacional will be almost €3 million.

Esteve also disclosed that Sergio cuisine and fashion will be the only TVE-made productions for the months of July and August, while the morning shows of la1 and the daily editions of Heart and + People will change in order to "save resources."
TVE also revealed that "because of the widespread consumption falling in July and August” it will suspend some of its programmes and “reduce the time of issuance of others.”
"The programming will be affected especially in the issue of the magazine. Suspended its broadcast the morning of the 1, the daily edition + Heart and People, but will be used to launch some new self-produced programs, "stated Esteve.