RCN TV Everywhere taps TiVo, thePlatform

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 31-05-2012

As it aims to satisfy increasing user demand for multiscreen multimedia services US broadband services provider RCN is to use thePlatform's cloud-based video publishing system along with TiVo advanced television services.

The new TV Everywhere portal will feature the ability to watch video over an Internet connection with a common user interface across devices such as PCs, tablets and mobile devices as authenticated by RCN for subscribers as they access their TV content in and out of the home. RCN says that the portal will go beyond traditional TV Everywhere offerings by unifying linear, operator VOD, and RCN TV Everywhere content. The experience will include a single sign on, embedded playback, and integration with DVR features where a TiVo DVR is present including remote scheduling and set-top box management.

The solution is claimed to offer seamless integration with RCN's linear television and On Demand offering, all accessible through the TiVo user experience with thePlatform’s cloud-based, mpx centralised video management system collecting, protecting, and publish online video to RCN's TV Everywhere portal across IP-connected devices.

The new offering will make use of TiVo features such as universal search, browse, recommendations, personalisation and playback.

RCN's TV Everywhere portal will be deployed in phases beginning later in 2012 and the company. RCN plans to initially offer thousands of free on-demand titles including a broad range of movies and TV episodes and plans to scale the number of titles, and programmes.

Explained CEO Jim Holanda: "We've experienced tremendous success with the TiVo user experience with both our DVR and whole-home offerings, and are excited about extending that proposition to our entire video subscriber base. Coupled with thePlatform's back-end expertise, we're building a compelling new experience to extend the subscription value for our customers. With our new TV Everywhere offering RCN will continue to lead the industry with advanced television solutions and meet our subscriber demand for access to content anywhere, anytime at no additional cost."