CBC picks ATEME for HD services

Jörn Krieger ©RapidTVNews | 31-05-2012

CBC, the TV production and broadcast subsidiary of German commercial TV group RTL, has chosen French technology company ATEME to supply encoding and decoding equipment for relaying live HD coverage of sports events such as car racing back to its play-out centre in Cologne.

The ATEME codecs will be deployed on location for backhauling the dedicated feed over terrestrial IP fibre links at full HD quality, according to the Paris-based company. The agreement includes migration to MPEG-4 HD backhaul.

The Kyrion encoders will deliver HD-quality pictures with the additional challenge of a relatively low bit rate of 15 Mbps. Being able to demonstrate high quality at that bit rate was critical and meant that ATEME was chosen in place and addition of CBC's other codec suppliers, the company says.

The level of support provided by ATEME's German partner Global Media Distribution Services (GMDS) also played part in winning the CBC contract.