With one week to go before kick-off of the UEFA Euro 2012 championship in Poland and the Ukraine, capacity on five Eutelsat satellites has been booked by broadcasters around the world to ensure full coverage and commentary of one of soccer’s top international competitions.

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igh-power reach of Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia delivered by the EUTELSAT 3A, EUTELSAT 3C, EUTELSAT 10A, EUTELSAT 16A and EUTELSAT 33A satellites, forms part of the exceptional infrastructure put in place by rights holders to enable viewers to watch the 31 matches in eight stadiums from 8 June to 1 July.

EBU, the world’s leading broadcasting association and a longstanding Eutelsat customer, has concluded a contract for five additional transponders on EUTELSAT 3A, EUTELSAT 3C and EUTELSAT 10A for live transmissions of matches as well as interviews and highlights to the EBU’s 85 members in 56 countries in and around Europe.

Al Jazeera Sports
, meanwhile, has booked two extra transponders on EUTELSAT 3C for the duration of the event to deliver signals to its studios in Europe and the Middle East.

Working closely with broadcasters and service providers, Eutelsat's Booking Centre will continue to coordinate allocation of capacity for minimum periods of 15 minutes
in advance and throughout the championship.