Primus plans to launch IPTV service

Louise Duffy ©RapidTVNews | 01-06-2012

Australian telco Primus is planning to deploy its own IPTV service as part of its National Broadband Network (NBN) offering.
Primus CEO Tom Mazerski told Computerworld Australia that the service will be run over the Primus fibre which is also being used to service homes for the NBN.

The service will be operated by iPrimus, the company's residential services division, and will broadcast free-to-air channels, other television channels, such as the Disney channel, and sports programmes.
“As the technology develops and as the products come to market, people will really learn to love the service and you can do this all in a very cost effective way because you’re only putting the fibre in one time and then the cost is already sunk,” Mazerski said.
“We just see it as the future.”