Colombia relies on Rohde & Schwarz for DVB-T2 launch

Jörn Krieger ©RapidTVNews | 02-06-2012

Colombia will be the first country in Latin America to launch a terrestrial television network based on the DVB-T2 standard next year. The installation will use 24 R&S THU9 high-power transmitters from German technology company Rohde & Schwarz.
The transmitters of the R&S NV8600 family will initially provide a digital signal to 25% of the population. During the next stage, eight further transmitters will be set up in major cities, increasing coverage to a total of 50% of Colombians.
The country's regulatory authority CCNP chose the R&S THU9 transmitters in a 2+1 redundancy configuration. In making this decision, CCNP was especially concerned with high energy efficiency, minimal size, low operating costs and reliable service, according to Rohde & Schwarz.
The project is scheduled for completion by the end of 2012. Broadcasting is set to begin on 1 January 2013.