boxPAY gets Smart with connected TV in-app payment

Joseph O'Halloran ©RapidTVNews | 03-06-2012

In order to tap into the increasing demand for Smart TV apps, boxPAY has launched a new service designed to allow developers to monetise TV apps.

Despite recognising the clear demand for connected TV services, the mobile payment provider cautions that accessing paid content via Smart TV apps can be a hassle if it requires online registration and a credit card number.

Drawing on its experience in serving web merchants, game developers and e-businesses, the new boxPAY Smart TV mobile payment service allows consumers to purchase Smart TV apps, or make in-app payments, and charge it to their mobile phone account – with no registration or credit card numbers needed. boxPAY uses carrier billing to verify the transaction and add the cost of the Smart TV app to the customer's mobile phone bill or prepaid balance.

The company is to launch a software development kit (SDK) so that TV manufacturers and Smart TV app developers can integrate the payment option which, furthermore, allows merchants to offer a payment option to potential customers who either do not have credit cards or are reluctant to go through a lengthy registration and transaction process for purchases.

"Smart TV apps are becoming hugely popular," said Iain McConnon, co-founder of boxPAY.

"boxPAY makes it easy for TV manufacturers and TV app developers to generate better responses rates with an in-app mobile payment option that enables instant buying. boxPAY also provides a comprehensive API development guide and technical support to ensure a smooth implementation."