3D TV on growth course in Germany

Jörn Krieger ©RapidTVNews | 04-06-2012

3D technology is entering German living rooms with growing momentum: More than one in four flat-screen TV sets currently sold can display three-dimensional images. One year ago, this was only the case with one in 20 TV sets.

Among Blu-ray players sold the 3D share now amounts to 60%. 12 months ago, it was only 34%. The figures were compiled by GfK in a market study commissioned by German industry association BITKOM which compared sales figures of Q1 2011 and Q1 2012.

In the early period of the new technology, mainly animated movies were released in 3D both in cinemas and on Blu-ray discs. Now a growing number of conventional films appears in 3D, for example the new release of classic movie "Titanic" or "Pina" from German director Wim Wenders, thereby tapping into new target groups.

3D devices over proportionally contribute to turnover. Among flat-screen TV sets, they contribute 43% to turnover while among Blu-ray players the share amounts to 72%. Many manufacturers now equip most of their large-screen and high-quality TV sets with 3D, in most cases with only a small price surcharge for this extra feature.

This year, more flat-screen TV sets will be sold in Germany than ever before. BITKOM expects sales figures to increase by 3.4% to around 10 million sets compared with 2011. The reasons for the rise include this summer's large sports events such as the Euro 2012 football championship and the Olympic Games, the switch-off of analogue satellite television and the dropping average retail price of the TV sets.