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Thread: LEXUZBOX F90 HD is not turning "ON" anymore

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    LEXUZBOX F90 HD is not turning "ON" anymore

    Dear Members,
    Good morning.
    I live in Brazil, and I bought LEXUZBOX F90 HD PVR but after one bad updated, my deco is not turning "ON" any more.
    The green lamp "LOCK" was blinking, and all channels become encoded, I tried to do RECOVERY but no sucess, and I do not know if my archives are reliable.
    Some peoples told me that maybe the problem was in TUNER.
    Please, I saw in internet that I need to change some electronic components, as you can see:
    - IC DM0365R (AC power plate); 01 unit
    - capacitor 1N4007; 03 units;
    - transistor LM317T; 01 unit
    Are you sure that is enought, or I need to change more components ?
    And about LOADERS for recovery, do you have any loaders to send me? And firmware ?
    I hope to listen something from you soon.

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    Re: LEXUZBOX F90 HD is not turning "ON" anymore

    where r u from?maybe i can help u fix it.

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    Re: LEXUZBOX F90 HD is not turning "ON" anymore

    Quote Originally Posted by asiatvro View Post
    where r u from?maybe i can help u fix it.
    i have the same problem

    just recieved the box today and it worked when i first plugged it in

    went to move it upstairs and now it wont boot up :(

    havent tried to flash it, only just plugged in and looked through menu then unplugged?

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