Polishop rolls out m-commerce for direct response TV

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia ©RapidTVNews | 06-06-2012

Direct response television advertising is about to get a thorough vetting in South America with a launch from Polishop, the largest direct marketing company in in the region, which is rolling out a mobile e-commerce application for shopping that interacts with broadcast commercials.

Polishop has partnered with video recognition company TvTak to turn its m-commerce application into a virtual store which lets users order a product they see on a demo video or commercial.

TvTak connects the 120 hours of demo videos that Polishop displays across TV channels every day to the corresponding product page, so that viewers can buy it in a click at home. Polishop also plans on enhancing the in-store experience, using the many screens installed in each of the Polishop shops across the region. Consumers strolling down the street can use the app to buy something they see on the screen, even when the store is closed.

"Offering our customers the ability to interact with our videos in a snap allows us to serve our customers ever more closely by creating the first truly 24-hour shop," explains Polishop head of e-commerce Felipe Brasil. "And with one new store opening every 17 days, the opportunity is huge."