NOTA study highlights positive and constructive TV

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly ©RapidTVNews | 06-06-2012

“Hidden talents, extraordinary journeys and helping each other: the new formats from the beginning of 2012 are packed with positive values and show how much is possible when we give our all, whether alone or as a group” observes new Eurodata TV Worldwide, IMCA’ study New On The Air (NOTA).

The start of the year has been marked by a number of programmes about helping each other, and turning to celebrities or ordinary people more than to experts. This was noted in the case of shows like Australia’s Agony Aunt / Uncle(ABC), Israel’s Dear Neighbour Help Our Daughter Find Love (Channel 2), Danish Restaurant Bag Tremmer (DR1) or new format The Audience coming soon on British and French screens.

In parallel, an increasing number of titles analyzing the problems of society and differences, whether physical or psychological, have been appearing on screens around the world. Included are Japan’s Bari Bara (NHK2) or British programme Gok’s Teens: The Naked Truth (Channel 4), which gives them advice and helps them to overcome their anxieties.

However talent quest shows remain a force to be reckoned with and are available in infinite variations, appealing to local cultures and customs. US format Q’Viva! The Chosen (Fox and Univision) is on the hunt for various Latin American talents, Quiero Ser Toreador (TVM) is looking for the best Spanish bullfighter while the search for the best singers is also still winning fans, after the success of The Voice, The Voice Kids (RTL4).

Nota revealed another trend is the recycling of reality TV stars like Reality Queens of the Jungle. This Dutch format adapted this year in Sweden (Kanal 5) and Denmark (TV3), features 10 participants from previous reality TV shows entering a competition in the jungle. The Danish version has gathered a market share of 11.1%, more than twice the average for the slot.

Fiction and series are for their part relying on the extra-ordinary to take viewers out of everyday life, from supernatural thrillers to stories set in the future. In the US, the series Touch (FOX) follows a group of people without apparent links but with some kind of influence over each other’s lives. The series is already on air in four other countries (Israel, UK, Germany and Australia).