Azteca unveils new Azteca Novelas studios

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia ©RapidTVNews | 07-06-2012

Azteca, the second-largest producer of Spanish-language television programming in the world, has inaugurated its new Azteca Novelas studios, the most modern in Latin America.

The project has been two and a half years in the making.

"These new soundstages represent a commitment toward the goal of being the best Spanish-language television company in the world; a company that is always ready to innovate, entertain, inform and instill values with its audience," said Grupo Salinas Chairman Ricardo B. Salinas Pliego. "These studios are a symbol that Azteca wants to keep growing, changing and being the best. Today we live in an age of accelerated competition and Azteca is ready to take it head on."

Azteca Novelas has successfully produced 98 novelas in its 19 years of operation. Of the total, 75 titles have been exported to more than 110 countries. The current annual production capacity of Azteca Novelas is more than 1,700 hours, which Salinas said will be boosted in quantity and quality with the new soundstages.

The project includes seven HD studios with green technologies built in. The studios total 15,110 square metres of construction, including more than 5,000 square metres of sound stages.