SWR picks Aveco for studio automation

Jörn Krieger ©RapidTVNews | 08-06-2012

SWR, the second-largest regional affiliate of German public broadcaster ARD, is now on air with Astra Studio 2, a new studio automation system provided by Czech technology company Aveco.

Through the solution, SWR's three production control rooms, which are all configured differently, can control any of its four studios.

In the preceding tender, the project group at SWR was looking for a file-based studio automation system which met its requirements and budget to automate its studio productions. According to Aveco, SWR was specifically searching a powerful and flexible solution which enables a single operator to control all the devices in the studio but can also have some equipment controlled manually by the operations staff in the control room.

Products implemented into the solution by system integrator Wellen & Nöthen include Annova's OpenMedia advanced newsroom system, Vinten and CameRobot robotics, Sony video mixers, Lawo audio mixers and an MA lighting control console.

"Astra Studio 2 is uniquely able to support the complex processes that we have in our virtual studio where we produce our news shows," said Udo Fettig, project manager at SWR. "Studio 2 now has control of the camera robotics, the camera movements and the virtual studio system. For other productions, we use Studio 2's basic features for a lower level of automation.”

Fetting added: "Of special interest was Studio 2's preproduction mode which lets us stop the recording, set a new splice point in the timeline view and then continue with the recording. Being able to combine production automation with studio automation and do preproduction at the same time with the same system made this an easy decision."

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