SmarDTV, Wiztivi, introduce solution for Cable VoD on connected TVs

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly ©RapidTVNews | 09-06-2012

Pay-TV technology company SmarDTV, part of the Kudelski group, and French Nantes-based Wiztivi have demonstrated at the Anga cable show a turnkey solution for Cable VoD in SmarCAMs (Conditional Access Modules) based on CI Plus and HbbTV.

For the first time cable Pay-TV operators can deploy their VOD services directly to any connected iDTV without using a set-top-box. SmarDTV intends to launch the first CI Plus SmarCAM with Cable VOD in 2012.

The use of open standards for security and applications allows operators to customize their offerings in a homogenous manner for any connected TV.

SmarDTV will also provide an update of its Interoperability Partner Programme (IPP) kit to allow CI Plus host vendors (iDTV & STB) to validate the compatibility and interoperability of their products with the Cable VoD SmarCAM-3.