Cyfra+ considers YouTube distribution
By Chris Dziadul

Up to three proprietary channels from the Polish DTH platform Cyfra+ could become available to viewers on a paid basis on YouTube.

Quoting unofficial sources, Gazeta Wyborcza reports that talks between Google, the owner of YouTube, and Cyfra+ have been taking place for several weeks.
Exploratory in nature, they are considering the possibility of making the channels Ale Kino+, Domo+ and Kuchnia+ available on YouTube.

The biggest obstacles to this happening are financial. From Cyfra+ís perspective, it would have to agree rights with Hollywood studios for content carried on the movie channel Ale Kino+.
No such problem would arise with Domo+ and Kuchnia+, which mostly carry local productions.
YouTube, on the other hand, would have to convince Cyfra+ís owner Vivendi that it would secure additional revenue for the French company by carrying the three channels.

Cyfra+ is the second largest DTH platform in Poland after Cyfrowy Polsat, with around 1.5 million subscribers. It will shortly be merged with ITI Groupís platform n.