Europa 7 to receive EUR2 million in damages
June 10, 2012 10.07 Europe/London By Robert Briel

The European Court of Human Rights condemned the state of Italy to pay EUR10 million damages to broadcaster Europa 7.
Italy failed to issue a digital broadcasting licence to Francescantonio Di Stefano, owner of the Europa 7 channel.
In its judgment the judges have ruled that in denying the frequencies to Europa 7, the Italian authorities violated the right to protection of private property and caused economic harm to the issuer.

Until digital switchover, the channel was broadcasting with a licence for analogue. Di Stefano had requested EUR2 billion compensation for material and moral damages.
However, the defenders of the Italian state have emphasised that Di Stefano was already compensated in 2009, when the State Council awarded him a compensation of one million euros.

The state had also argued that the digital licence was not issued because of technical issues rather than political motives.