ANGA 2012: Stofa chooses Appear TV transcoding head-ends

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 11-06-2012

As part of a major channel expansion, triple play Danish cable operator Stofa has made a significant investment in Appear TV’s next-generation head-end and transcoding solution for broadcast and IP television.

For over 50 years, Stofa has developed a strategic relationship to around 300 antenna associations in Denmark and has a cable-TV customer base of approximately 400,000 households, a high speed broadband customer base of 175,000 and a VoIP customer base of 45,000.
The new project, which is now live, has MPEG-2 services received at Stofa’s media centre by satellite, the 180 channels are transcoded to MPEG-4 and groomed by the new transcoding head-ends and then distributed to Stofa’s cable customers over its existing network.
“The implementation of [the new] transcoding head-end solution allows us to simply and efficiently increase our cable content portfolio by taking 180 satellite channels, transcode and then use our existing network to distribute to our cable customers,” said Thomas Helbo, CTO, Stofa. “If our business model changes, it’s easy to add more modules or deploy new functionality through adding a different type of module. We look forward to Appear TV continuing to provide us with solutions that will be able to match and support our innovative platform strategy.”