Majority of tablet users watch video, with quarter paying to view

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 11-06-2012

Leading market analyst comScore has delivered yet more compelling evidence as to just what a fundamental part tablets play in the video industry, claiming that the devices have reached critical mass in the US.

The new comScore TabLens report found that one in four smartphone owners used tablets during the three-month period ending April 2012 and that tablet users were nearly three times more likely to watch video on their device compared to smartphone users. A tenth of tablet users were viewing online video content almost daily on their device.
The analyst noted that what makes these figures more remarkable is the fact that it’s just over two years since the launch of the iPad, what it calls the first tablet to reach a meaningful market penetration.
The survey also found that more than half of tablet users watched video and/or TV content on their device in April 2012, compared to just a fifth of smartphone users, proving, says comScore, the fact that larger screen sizes are making tablets more conducive to video consumption than smaller screen devices. Not only were tablet users more likely to watch video, but they were more likely to view video habitually, with 18.9% of tablet users watching video content at least once a week, and 9.5% watching video nearly every day on their device. Of those viewing video at least once during the month, just over a quarter (26.7%) paid to watch content, highlighting, comScore asserted, “the tremendous monetisation potential this platform represents for content providers”.
“Tablets are one of the most rapidly adopted consumer technologies in history and are poised to fundamentally disrupt the way people engage with the digital world both on-the-go and, perhaps most notably, in the home," said Mark Donovan, comScore SVP of Mobile. "It's not surprising to see that once consumers get their hands on their first tablet, they are using them for any number of media habits, including TV viewing."