8 seconds proves to be mobile video acceptable download threshold

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 12-06-2012

People who experienced eight or more seconds of video stalls (buffering) were 73% more likely to abandon mobile video viewing, resulting in customer frustration and possibly churn, new research from Flash Networks has revealed.
In what should be an urgent call to action or warning to an industry that is increasingly looking to offer mobile TV and video, the intelligent mobile Internet solutions provider believes that it has discovered a minimum quality of experience levels that lead to subscribers abandoning video viewing and downloads.
The study also revealed that some subscribers receive more bandwidth than their usage requires while others aren't receiving enough bandwidth to ensure a smooth video viewing experience.
"Data traffic is rising exponentially and at the same time expectations and demands for mobile Internet quality of experience are increasing," said Liam Galin, president and CEO of Flash Networks. "While quality of experience reporting is a first step, it's not enough to help operators minimise subscriber frustration; they must also have the capabilities to act upon this information to provide high quality of service and customer satisfaction."