Comcast, PayPal, TiVo working on interactive TV ad initiative

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 13-06-2012

Interactive remote-control shopping is getting a shot in the arm thanks to a new alliance between Comcast, PayPal and TiVo, Reuters is reporting.
The initiative will allow viewers with TiVo Premiere boxes to use their remotes to simply click to make political donations or buy goods and services that they see during commercials, using a PayPal account.
PayPal Vice President Scott Dunlap told Bloomberg that the service could start as early as this fall, but Tony Werner, Comcast's executive vice president and CTO, blogged that "We're in the very early stages of our discussions."
The revenue model could work in several ways. For one, PayPal could share a portion of the transaction fees with Comcast and TiVo. Secondly, Comcast could charge brands more for interactive ad-enabled spots. And, third-parties using APIs to the enablement platform could expand the viewer proposition into more of a personalised concierge service, perhaps one they would be able to charge for, again offering a revenue share to Comcast and TiVo.