Twitter rolls out TV ads to talk up marketing clout

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 13-06-2012

Twitter, hoping to capitalise on the increasing number of TV programmes that publish hashtags for commenting on shows during their linear broadcast timeslots, has begun running TV ads of its own to promote additional hashtag use and attract advertising dollars.
Twitter has 140 million monthly active users who post 400 million tweets per day, but so far the company has been unable to turn that usage into marketing gold. Its first brand-touting foray was during this weekend's NASCAR broadcast on the TNT cable network. "Throughout the weekend - but especially during the race - a combination of algorithms and curation will surface the most interesting Tweets to bring you closer to all of the action happening around the track, from the garage to the victory lane," said Twitter exec Omid Ashtari, in the company blog.
Twitter aired six 15-second spots during the Pocono 400 race encouraging viewers to use the "#NASCAR" hashtag to publish comments and see what others were saying about the action.