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    Hi all, 
     at times to create a defined place where you can find the latest version of the plugin, 
    I make time to this thread. The latest version (for Open PLI 1.6 images) 
    The Call Fritz plugin Rev.669zeigt calls that arrive on a VoIP phone or  go out on this, on the TV (*) In addition, it still offers the  following!.: 
    Was the STB in standby optionally displays a summary of calls for reactivation. 
    Unknown numbers are attempts to resolve through various websites. It has  an internal phone book can be found in the stored numbers. The phone  book of the FRITZ! Can be read and used. The internal phonebook can be  edited. 
    The display can be restricted to certain my numbers You will see a  caller picture, if a corresponding image (PNG, 256 colors) with the name  or number of the caller in the list of <Lokation Phonebook> /  Call Fritz Faces exists This must be connected to a phone that directly  to the FRITZ! Is the episode # 96 * 5 * be entered and selected. Then  restart the STB. The reverse search is controlled by the file  reverselookup.xml in the plugin directory.

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