Experts with the Coordination Service of the Ministry of Infrastructure say that fans from Europe, who visit Ukraine for EURO 2012, most often arrive by planes. It is either regular flights to Ukraine or the charters, says Deputy Director of State Railway Transport Policy Department Oleksandr Fedorenko, who monitors the work of the Coordination Service.

"Guests from Europe are mostly accustomed to the air transport: the lion's share of the traffic accounts for this type of transport," Fedorenko.

Moreover, many fans came by motor transport both as organized groups on buses and on their own cars.

At the same time, according Fedorenko, railway is chosen for travelling within the country. "Railway is basically used for travelling between the host cities of EURO 2012 - Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv and Donetsk. The largest passenger flows fall just on the matchdays," he said.