Multi-platform is the future for Monte Carlo Television Festival's new CEO

IŮaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 16-06-2012

Laurent Puons is the new CEO of the Monte Carlo Television Festival, which every year showcases the brightest stars and programmes of international television.

Puons spoke to Rapid TV News about his new role, and how he intends to provide more events, stars and public participation, which continues to be very important.

"We are fulfilling the dreams of fans by giving them the opportunity to see their idols on the red carpet. We also want to promote business opportunities between the companies participating in the festival and parties sponsored by large producers."

For Puons, current productions are very exciting. "The quality of content is comparable to film and, in some cases higher. Examples are the series The Big Bang Theory, VEEP", Mad Men or Law and Order. And do not forget Rise of the Duel Masters, and large-scale production Kaijudo by Hasbro, which is expanding the variety of content."

The future of television lies through co-productions and innovative financing strategies, he says. "Co-productions are essential due to the slowdown in advertising and high costs," explains Puons. "But it's not only the Festival series; it's an important part of your mini-competition series, sitcoms, dramas, documentaries or news."

But the exciting moments of television are enhanced by the widespread deployment of digital technology and multi-platform television.

"The 'second screen' is here to stay. Young people love to see the TV, while sharing the experience with friends and family through social networks. Recent studies indicate that over 70% of TVs sold worldwide will be connected to the internet by 2016. And the mobile phone that also lets you watch, and is present everywhere: 1.6 million young people worldwide now have access to television via the Xbox 360. We must adapt to this reality, the creation of categories of competition in this regard," he says.

But how difficult is it to attract the biggest stars and producers?

"This task is most difficult of all, but at the same time also the most rewarding. Fortunately, the glamor of Monaco helps a lot. Not only is it difficult to get new talent to come, but the biggest stars are also in constant demand because they work hard," says Puons.

"In all cases, the quality of content will always be crucial, and advertisers must be maintained, despite the financial crisis," he concludes.