Sky to fast track US series to Germany

Jörn Krieger ©RapidTVNews | 16-06-2012

German pay-TV broadcaster Sky Deutschland will take the new US series The Newsroom to German screens immediately after its debut in the USA.

Subscribers will be able to watch the HBO production in the original English-language version on internet devices and on-demand exclusively through Sky Go and Sky Anytime.

On conventional television The Newsroom will air in autumn 2012 on Sky Atlantic HD. Viewers will then be able to choose between the English version and the dubbed German-language version.

Sky customers will be able to watch the first episode of The Newsroom from 25 June 2012 through Sky Go on the internet, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or the Xbox 360. From 26 June 2012, the episode will become available on HD PVR Sky+. All further episodes of the 10-part series will debut on Mondays immediately after their US airing on Sky Go and become available on Sky Anytime on Tuesdays.

With the move, which has been desired by fans of US series for a long time, Sky wants to prevent viewers from accessing new productions through illegal internet file sharing sites. Now they have the much desired legal alternative.

In The Newsroom Oscar winner Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network) takes viewers behind the scenes of a news TV channel and shows the lives of its protagonists both in front of the camera and outside the studio.