Originaly by REVOLTE on the Marahibs forum edited by Samot4.

This is an example of cwshare.cfg with the most important communication lines:

M: { box1.dyndns.org { 11111111 }}
D: { box2.dyndns.org { 5566 5580 { 22222222 { A3 A3 }}}}
D: { box3.dyndns.org { 5566 5566 { 33333333 { A3 A3 }}}}
D: { { 5566 5590{ 44444444 { A3 A3 }}}}

The M-line M: { your DNSNAME { your password }}
• The DNS name is the name that you did sign up for.
• The password contains 8 numbers/letters 1-9 A-F

The D-line. D :{ DNSNAME { PORT1 PORT2 { password { share level 2 x }}}}
• The DNSNAME is the name the one you are going to share with is using.
• PORT1 is the port you are using yourself 5566.
That port has to be opened in your router.
• PORT2 is the port the person you are going to share with is using. This port has to be opened in his router.
• Password, this has to be the same as in his M-line.
• The share levels: by this line you allow the card to be shared by one or more users.

For example, A3 A3.
The first A3 says how far the local card in this box can be shared.
The second A3 says how far the cards in you’re network (=virtual cards that you might get from others) can be shared. (if possible). This shouldn't be put to a high value/number, as cards shared over 3 will start to cause freezes and cause a lot of unnecessary trafic. The A hasn't got anything to do with the level - it simply allows NDS cards to be shared.

You should never use the same code for different boxes!!

You can use the same port for several shares.

In this example the last D line is for sharing in your own household.

Sharing over the net

With this the example cwshare.cfg from the client would look like this:

M: { box2.dyndns.org { 22222222 }} #
D: { box1.dyndns.org { 5580 5566 { 11111111 { A5 A5 }}}}

The port 5580 is the port open on box2.
The second port 5566 is the port open on box1.
11111111 is acode the server (box1) is using in his M line so it has to be in the D line of the client.

Sharing in your own house:

With this the example share.cfg from the client would look like this:
M: { { 44444444 }}
D: { { 5590 5566 { 11111111 { A0 A0 }}}}
In this example the ip internal of the server/ box1) is, here I use the ip, because the information is not going over the net.Share is set to A0 A0 because we are not sharing only getting from box1.
Well now everything should work......