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Thread: witch dvb programme with vista

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    witch dvb programme with vista

    Sorry for my english, i'm french

    Witch programme work with Vista 5536

    I test Mytheatre an progdvb but crach

    I have and hauppauge wintv nova -s

    Thank's a lot

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    Re: witch dvb programme with vista

    try GB-PVR new version for vista

    tu peux essayer gb-pvr qui est maitenant compatible avec vista
    pour ta carte je pense que c'est bon mais a verifier (drivers BDA compatible)

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    Re: witch dvb programme with vista

    Kinda depends how good your DVB drivers are. With the Skystar2, which has beta Vista wdm drivers, I've got progdvb, dvb-dream, dvbviewer and mytheatre working with the WDM drivers, but Alt-DVB can't see it. With the Technotrend 1500 the XP WDM drivers don't work so I had to use BDA - with that Alt-DVB worked, but pretty much nothing else did.

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