AIDO develops 3D app for tablets

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 20-06-2012

AIDO, in collaboration with the Tecnalia Research and Innovation foundation, Scope and Virtualware Audio Video Productions 2007, has developed 3DTools, an application for tablets.
The app will be targeted at small and medium producers, and will collect the technical conditions that existed at the time of a recording, in particular, what the camera settings and what were the distances from the camera to different 3D objects and characters of the scene.
This information will reveal during the recording the quality of 3DTV information being obtained, thus allowing the minute adjustments that may be appropriate. In this way, AIDO has carried out a pilot scheme with real users to determine these quality indicators, as recorded by "Panorama Audiovisual". Then the results of these adjustments may be exported to a computer for further processing of the images, while by a plugin that will be integrated into existing 3D editing software systems.