I have a Humax IR ACE II by a company called UBI that is now closed, the box is now basically paper weight because they locked the "manual search" option in installation menu and cannot scan any other frequency. All i need the box for is FTA, or use with other pay-tv in the future.

I believe i tried all the firmware on the forum related to this box, using "wdn4z.exe" tool (via null modem cable) but i get error message on the TV "The hardware_code field of the download header does not match that of the STB." On the box is flashing "380" then "200" then "10d".

STB Info:
H/W Version: REV 0.2
S/W Version: AUFSIR 1.04.00
S/W Last update: 25 Mar 2011
Loader Version: 3.241
System ID: 338A.0000

Can anyone suggest or point me to the right firmware, or perhaps tool if im not using the correct one?
Any help will be appreciated as i purchased this box only recently for $165.. Thanks.