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Thread: Question about dreambox

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    Question about dreambox

    Which dreambox do you advise to buy?? does it need to wait for dream8000???

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    Nonsense !

    My advice is to buy ANY dreambox. From the 5620, 500, 7000 to 7020,7025 there is the same core functions that are all you need to watch tps or anything else.

    There are huge modifications between models but nothing that is really important for the average user.

    If you want HD, so wait for the 8000, nxt month or next year lol

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    all depends on what you want to do with a dreambox. if you want to make recordings takes dreambox: 7020 and for a double tuner takes the dreambox 7025

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    Why a 7020 for recording ? a 7000 or even a 500 work too

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