Com Hem signs with TiVo
June 25, 2012 08.43 Europe/London By Julian Clover

Sweden’s largest cable operator, Com Hem, has signed an exclusive agreement with TiVo.

The operator will launch the advanced television service in 2013, running it over both cable and, for the first time for TiVo, over IPTV infrastructure.
In addition to set-top boxes a seamless experience will be created that will also include smart phones and tablet devices.

“TiVo will play a big role in our future plans, which means that we will redefine our subscription offerings to include features to watch TV on multiple platforms, remote recording, advanced search, recommendations and access to a wide range of interactive applications from third parties, says Com Hem CEO Tomas Franzén.
In November 2010 TiVo had signed an agreement with Com Hem’s satellite rival Canal Digital. However, the deal collapsed soon after, with neither side willing to comment.

“We are extremely excited to be working with Com Hem to offer TiVo to Com Hem’s nearly two million homes connected, and we believe that this, like what has happened with Virgin Media in the UK and ONO in Spain, will strengthen Com Hem’s already strong market position,” said TiVo CEO Tom Rogers. “This agreement is a significant step forward for TiVo, because for the first time will offer our services over an IPTV network, underscoring our ability to offer TiVo via virtually any kind of infrastructure and through all kinds of devices”.

Five IP backbone rings carry the 15 main headends from where 50 hubs are served.
When Com Hem first launched its digital services in 1997 it used OpenTV middleware and set-top boxes from Sagem. The return path came from the then owners Telia. Some 20 applications were developed using the OpenTV system, but even those few customers that used them did not want to pay, so the middleware option was abandoned in 2003.

The middleware structure changed again in 2007 with the launch of video on demand with the Canadian supplier Espial providing the new system.