ONO adds four new HDTV channels

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 25-06-2012

Spanish cable operator ONO will start transmitting 4 new HD channels - the Fox International Channels HD FOX Crime, National Geographic Channel HD, Nat Geo Wild HD and Travel HD - in July.

The four new channels in will be available through TiVo®. In addition, ONO will also offer Nat Geo Wild and Travel in standard definition on its pay-TV platform.

Nat Geo Wild offers a wide range of wildlife series and documentaries, all backed by the quality and prestige of National Geographic productions. The channel offers a unique view of the animal world with images of nature and the incredible creatures that inhabit it. From the most remote environments to the depths of the oceans, through parks and forests, Nat Geo Wild uses the newest audiovisual techniques to bring viewers to unforgettable journeys through the wilderness.

Travel is one of the most popular channels for ONO customers. It’s touted as a must for lovers of tourism, travel, and those who want to further their knowledge of other countries and cultures. Its programming includes the best national and international productions about travel and tourism, as well as its own productions.

Fox Crime HD, National Geographic Channel HD and newcomers Nat Geo Wild HD and Travel HD will enable viewers to enjoy their favorite channels like never before, with the recreation of spectacular images in high definition.
ONO video-on-demand service also now features Videoclub, offering the latest FOX series premiere 24 hours after broadcast. Viewers can see episodes of their favourite series for seven days after initial broadcast. The series offered include Homeland, Touch and The Good Wife. Videoclub has more than 2,500 programmes available at any time. Viewers can choose what and when to watch programmes, including the latest releases or previews of the most successful TV series.

ONO Intelligent Television, TiVo, has a wide variety of channels that broadcast in HD, 3D audio-visual content and online applications.