Sony to launch Google TV STB on 22 July

Joseph O'Halloran ©RapidTVNews | 26-06-2012

Hoping not to repeat the problems it encountered with previous versions of third party enabling devices that supported the service, Google TV is to launch on Sony-made set top boxes from 22 July.

Claiming that its new device’s remote control and library of Android-based apps will customise a home entertainment experience, Sony will launch the NSZ-GS7 Internet Player with Google TV at retailers nationwide on July 22, priced at $199. Pre-orders have begun begin on 25 June 2012 at

Sony's recently-launched NSZ-GP9 connected Blu-ray Disc player with Google TV, the, will be also be available for $299. This features Sony's Blu-ray Disc technology coupled with the Google TV platform.

The NSZ-GS7 and NSZ-GP9 offer a Google Chrome browser giving access to apps in the Google Play Store, including, says Sony, hundreds optimised for TV, direct access to YouTube and cross search functionality designed to show all content sources available from broadcast providers and the Internet to deliver customised video results on demand. A Bluetooth remote control can also be used as a universal remote to control connected devices such as TV, STB and A/V receivers - the NSZ-GP9 Blu-ray Disc player even incorporates voice search capabilities.

With the new NSZ-GS7 Internet Player with Google TV, Sony will also be the first manufacturer to launch Google TV products outside of the United States, initially starting with the United Kingdom in July, followed later by Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Brazil, and Mexico. The NSZ-GP9 Blu-ray Disc player with Google TV will be available from autumn in the United States, followed later by Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Netherlands.

"Expanding the reach and interoperability of the powerful Android platform with Sony's smartphones, tablets and renowned Audio & Video products, we are proud to continue our relationship with Google through the introduction of the new Google TV set-top-box," explained Phil Molyneux, president and chief operating officer of Sony Electronics. "Entertainment content is available through so many channels and sites, and Google TV helps consumers easily find what they want to watch, listen to or play using familiar search engine technology, enhancing the viewer experience. TV will never be the same."