Satellite, IPTV set to dethrone cable from pay-TV throne

Joseph O'Halloran ©RapidTVNews | 26-06-2012

Even though it is still the undisputed king of pay-TV, cable’s status as top TV technology is being eaten away by IPTV and satellite services as revenue growth slows, subs fall and competition heats up.

According to market research firm Infonetics Research in its Pay-TV Services and Subscribers report, the phenomenon is particularly sharp in North America. That said the data shows that the region is still due to high ARPU the highest-value pay-TV market which including cable, satellite, and telco IPTV video services, totalled $261 billion in 2011 and will grow to $371 billion by 2016

. “Cable video still makes up over half of the global pay-TV market, but revenue growth is decelerating due to a slowdown in new subscribers, especially in the lucrative North American market, as competition from satellite and IPTV operators intensifies and as over the top (OTT) offerings from Netflix, Hulu, and others siphon away a small, but growing number of households,” explained Jeff Heynen, directing analyst for broadband access and video at Infonetics Research.

In 2011, the top 20 pay-TV revenue leaders accounted for 50% of the revenue, while the top 20 subscriber leaders represented just 30% of subscribers. DirecTV and Comcast remain the global market leaders for pay-TV revenue and subscribers. DirecTV enjoys the highest ARPU due to the high take rate of its value-added services and premium content such as the NFL Sunday Ticket, whilst Comcast was found to be the global pay-TV subscriber leader, with over 22 million subscribers in 2011.