Televés leads in innovation

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 27-06-2012

Since 2000, Spanish manufacturer of equipment for TV transmission and reception, Televés, has filed a total of 4,019 patent applications for utility models, confirming the company as the most innovative in its sector.
The patents filed by Televés cover innovations in antennae, transmission imaging, diffusion (broadcast), digital data transmission, telephone, printed circuits, gain control and tuning resonant circuits.

The activity of the company has remained constant over the last 12 years, with annual records of patents in 2001 and 2006, when there were seven applications, and a peak of five utility models in 2010.

62% of applications for patents and utility models were registered in Spain, while 18% were managed by the European Patent Office. The company also submitted applications in Germany and Portugal.

Televés’ capacity to be a leading player in the changing technological world of television is directly related to its heavy investment in research, development and innovation (ID i). The company’s ID i unit was created in 1971, and over 60 professionals - mostly engineers and telecoms and industrial physics graduates - currently work there.

This investment in research, development and innovation gives Televés an extraordinary technological independence, reflected in the fact that 80% of over 1,500 products that comprise the company's catalogue have been developed entirely with proprietary technology. In total, the company owns over 50 internationally valid patents. In 2011, the company's investment in R&D exceeded €8 million euros.