TF1 and M6 against advertising returning to FTV

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly ©RapidTVNews | 27-06-2012

The French TV regulatory body CSA and both TF1 and M6’s bosses agree: France Télévisions’ ad ban must go to completion.
CSA’s president hopes the ad ban reform will be confirmed by the new French Government, he said yesterday at NPA’s media conference. In the evening, at another media and advertising conference, TF1 and M6’s Nonce Paolini and Nicolas de Tavernost reasserted their opposition to advertising on public screens. Nicolas de Tavernost, who is vehemently against the idea of any public funding, is even asking for a total ban.
"The problem of the public TV service is not to raise its revenues but to limit its spendings, » Nonce Paolini commented, adding that he finds the fact that private channels and operators must contribute to compensate the PSB ad ban strange. « There is no other European country where public service profits from a double public and private funding".
Whether it is CSA or private channels, all are finally admitting that the PSB prime-time ad ban has given private TV stations a chance to garner a little bit more from ad revenues during the current crisis.
On Monday, TF1 asserted that i twas in no worse situation than others in terms of audience, ad revenues and growing competition, even though it announced new cost-cuttings.
On Tuesday, at the NPA Conference, Nicolas de Tavernost forecasted an "extremely difficult" 2012 and 2013 in terms of ad revenues for media players, urging the French Government to take "urgent measures" such as the PSB total advertising ban.
"The ad market has violently reversed," he noted, "June is not good and July is forecast to be bad". He predicts that M6 will not reach the €3.5 billion ad revenues it achieved in 2011. He also predicted a significant ad revenue drop in a sector where "there are more and more players with 25 FTA channels".
M6 bosses believe that awareness of the seriousness of the situation is too low, despite multiple social cost-cuttings. He also added that panish producers are flocking to France looking for work after the Spanish TV market collapsed.
Nicolas de Tavernost even called for an inventory of the TV market to be done over 2012 and 2013, and suggested the need to search for new forms of revenues, such as distance and e-business.
He then hinted at the DTT tele-shopping project M6 Boutique & Co that had been rejected by the French CSA.