Hi Friends !
I have Zeeta Red Cam.
Information= Firmware 1.02
Title=SHL,Do not,Full x Expire on the 17 Jan 2005
My Fun Card Programmer Which is attached to LPT PORT of my PC, accepts software Fun Prom Remake 3.0 to upgrade fun card 2,3,4,5,6. NOw I Tried
to upgrade my Zeta red Cam with fun card 5 with joker v117_fun 5Kamilz12 File.
I open my fun card programming software.
I open camloader.hex file in Flash it is OK
Then I try to open Joker v117_fun 5Kamilz.bin file in external eeprom and get the following error.
"Format error"
Please help me. Tell me any software for my Fun card programmer wich is attached to the LPT port of my PC which support BIN files.
OR How I can convert this Bin file to Hex file.
I converted bin file to hex file with help of CIW_joker_decrypter.Now it is 178 Kb hex file.
i put Loader file in Flash and fun card 5 file Ext.eeeprom. and programme the Card and verified it.
After programming card. I inserted it into cam. Switched my stb FTA channel. Menu ,Ci , but it shows no response. nothing starts.I earsed card and reprogramme it but it does not starts programming My Zeta Red Cam.
Please help be where am I wrong.?

I coverted fun card 5 bin file to hex with help of swapbin.exe. it created 181 kb hex file.
I put loader hex file in flash file and fun card 5 file in ext.eeprom.
I have fun card 6. My STB is STARTRACK NC 709 CI.

When I verify flash I receive following error
Flash verification error
value differ at address =0*0000
Buffer value =0*c002
Flash value=0*ffff
I programme the Fun card 6. put it into cam. I receive no message about up grade.
i went into CI menu.It shows module.I enter in it. It shows
Select menu
INFO, I can change only CA,Title or se info
but no message about initializing downloading process .
Help me