Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo said he was the next in line in the penalty shoot-out in the Euro 2012 semi-final defeat to Spain.
Portugal lost the match after Joao Moutinho and Bruno Alves both missed from the spot, with Ronaldo - who usually takes the penalties - not having had the chance to beat keeper Iker Casillas.

After the match, the 27-year-old was happy with the performance and their overall campaign in the tournament, claiming Portugal deserved to go through.

"The penalties? I was going to take the next one," he told SIC.

"I feel sad. Losing a semi-final in the penalty shoot-out is always painful, but it is a lottery: the luckier side wins.

"I think it was a good tournament on our part. We did very well. We are amongst the best four teams in Europe and the only reason we do not reach the final is because we were not lucky.

"We have to be proud of what we did, but we are a bit frustrated because we know we could reach the final.

"I gave my best, so I am satisfied with that I did. We deserved to be in the final, but we were not lucky."