Tulix has announced that it is expanding its IPTV content delivery practice to offer channel development and streaming service for clients for delivery OTT devices, starting with the NEO TV platform.

It also said that it will soon expand its smart-TV channel development to LG Smart TVs in addition to its existing Samsung offering.

For the last year, Tulix has been concentrating on developing new streaming and content delivery programs. Several of the company's clients have utilised the UniStream platform for multiple screen encoding and delivery so far.

"The whole over-the-top (OTT) set-top box (STB) market is expanding at a rapid rate, and Tulix is committed to remaining on the cutting edge of this movement," said Tulix executive vice president Nino Doijashvili.

Recent industry figures say that 38% of all homes in the U.S. have at least one television connected to the Internet, with smart TV connections on the rise. "We believe that this number will continue to increase over the coming months and Tulix has to be at the forefront," said Doijashvili. "After many conversations with our client base and industry leaders, we have confirmed our belief that adding smart TV and additional IPTV device channel development is the correct way to utilise our talents and resources."