Top U.S. MSO Comcast has become the latest cableco to licence CloudTV H5 from ActiveVideo Networks.

Like Cablevision and Oceanic Time Warner, recent licencees, Comcast will trial the platform (in Chattanooga, Tenn.) in an enhanced video-on-demand (VOD) user experience environment. The cloud-based user interface provides a graphically UI for Xfinity On Demand customers.

"Our goal is simple: to help Comcast make it easier for customers to search and discover new content from their vast on-demand library," said Jeff Miller, CEO and president of ActiveVideo Networks, in a statement. "Leveraging CloudTV's enterprise-class performance, we can offer providers like Comcast new, rich experiences from the cloud, as well as a consistent look and feel that can be delivered to any set-top box."

The platform is based on HTML5 browser technology running in remote servers to execute and render complete user experiences in the cloud, which are then streamed to the user's device. Subscribers control the experience, which is device-agnostic, by using their remote controls to send key presses to the remote server, controlling the application. The company says that the latency between a customer key press and the UI response is minimal.

Designed to interface seamlessly with existing cable operator network infrastructure, the platform can deployed without changing or adding devices in the home. CloudTV is available on approximately 10 million screens globally via pay-TV operators and Philips-brand NetTVs.