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Thread: Pleeeeeeeease help

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    Pleeeeeeeease help

    Hi ....I have a twinhan card ( usb ) .... and I have 2 dishes witch are plugged in into a switcher (diseqc ) ....
    But I the signal doesnt come for both satellite together ... and 99% of time it comes just for the first dish ....
    and rarly for the other dish BUT NOT TOGETHER ATALL ....
    ps: I know hot to set diseqc configurations .... and I tried prog dvb , dvb dream , and digital tv ( the card's basic program ) ....
    Please help

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    Re: Pleeeeeeeease help

    howdo. if using a diseqc switch you will only be able to access one satellite dish at a time.
    if you want both together, they both need wiring into seperate tuners (dual tuner 1reciever box, or 2 seperate reciever boxes)

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