Euro 2012 final scores for BBC interactive video players

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 02-07-2012

Spain’s record-breaking rout of Italy in the final of Euro 2012 witnessed not only a footballing first but also the first major test of the live interactive video player that the BBC is launching for this summer's Olympics.
Still designated as being in beta form, the video player is said to be able to offer “the best possible” desktop video viewing experience for the live content to be broadcast at the Olympics. Indeed it will have to process up to 24 different high definition streams of live sporting action at any one time and then enhance it with some extra functionality.

Key features include not only the ability to show every sport available live and on demand in HD quality on every day of the Games, but also the ability to pause and rewind live video or jump straight to key moments that viewers may have missed by using chapter markers. For example, at the Euro 2012 final, the player automatically marked places in the timeline where the four Spanish goals had been scored and where captain Iker Casillas lifted the Henri Delaunay trophy.

At the games, an Olympics Live feature will alert viewers to key moments happening live across the 24 simultaneous streams, and a sports guide feature will offer information about the individual sports, with five key facts offered for every discipline.
The video player runs on desktop computers and tablets that support Flash. On mobiles and iPads, viewers will be able to watch video but without the extra functionality.
“The key thing is that we synchronise the data and video together so that you always see the stats appropriate for the point in the video that you are watching,” explained Alex Perry, Product Manager, Interactive Video Player, BBC News & Knowledge.So if you decide to watch a video from the start, we won't give you the results from the end. And if you are watching live, we won't show the result of the Men's 100m before you've had a chance to watch it.”