Marca TV grows 40%

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 03-07-2012

Unidad Editorial’s Spanish sports channel Marca TV, transmitting on free DTT, claimed an 0.8% audience share for the sporting season ended the June 2012.

This represented an increase of two tenths on the season, or 40% year on year. With the June record positions for the seventh straight month, the performance left Marca as head of television sport in the country.

On Sunday 18 September, the channel registered the highest audience share, 2.1%, of the season, when Eurobasket broadcast the fight for the bronze Macedonia-Russia in tournament and Futboleros, which set the record for a Sunday with 441,000 viewers on average and 3.3% share.

The season highlight was 25 January when TV Brand (2%) broke the day record in the ‘Clásico Copero’, with the highest share in working days from birth.

The replay of the semi-final and final of the European Cup over the last weekend of April attracted an average audience of 225,000 viewers (1.5%).