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    MultiEPG Vali-Mod

    Here the test.
    I have it under DMM 3.2.2 to time.
    With OE2.0 I have not tested it yet.

    In principle, this is my mod of ptrivaten Graphics Multi-EPG of the DMM.

    There will not be as complex graphics and images in miniPicons EPG list.
    I want to keep it simple. And quickly scroll the scroll /.

    My goal was mainly: Easy to read quickly and better by wearing glasses.

    I'm currently:
    - Do some things like font size and be adjusted as Abkürzungfunkzion.
    - Better scrolling functionality
    - Vlt. EPGSearch implement, etc.

    I will read carefully all requests, but can not promise,
    renkommen all that.
    As I said, is very important for me that is easily and quickly.

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