Colombia hikes pay-TV subscription costs

Iñaki Ferreras | 09-07-2012

Colombia’s National Television Authority (ANTV) has increased the rates that pay-TV operators must pay for each of its subscribers.

To be levied from October 2012, the fee will be collected through a monthly fixed charge, currently set at 1,800 pesos (USD 1.01) per subscriber.

With this measure, the Authority say that it is seeing to 'protect public property” and strengthen RTVC, eight regional channels, and the Fund for the Development of Television and Content, which promotes the educational and cultural programming on public channels'.

The Authority says that the way of calculating this fee was based on a percentage of the country’s Consumer Price Index and threatens that any operator failing to comply with this new regulation will be hit with a series of fixed penalties, whereby the ANTV may impose fines equivalent to 2,000 minimum monthly wages, suspend the operations to the public for up to two months, or even declare the expiration of the contract with the operator and cancel licences.