China tightens up censorship for online video

Louise Duffy | 10-07-2012

Chinese state authorities are tightening up the censorship of online video before it can be released on the internet.

In a directive issued on Monday, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) and the State Internet Information Office ordered video sites and internet portals to take responsibility for the serials and micro films broadcast on their sites and to censor the content before airing them. Uncensored programs are prohibited from being shown.

Players in the online video industry are encouraged to form an association of censors, the members of which should have training programs and tests to become qualified examiners, the statement said.

The directive also raises the bar for industry associations and government authorities to create an active and healthy online environment.

China's video programming environment has been transformed since major Chinese websites started to produce their own content. Leading video sites such as Youku and are among the established players making shorts or episodes of shows, while popular internet portals like are getting in on the action too.